7 New Years Resolutions for Better Home Security

As 2017 comes to an end, people are making resolutions for a better new year. You may be swearing off credit cards or promising to hit the gym every day, or maybe you're not making any promises you know you can't keep. However, when it comes to home security and protecting yourself, these resolutions are easy to make and keep.

1. Get in the habit of setting the alarm system

The effectiveness of an alarm system ultimately lies in the hands of the user. Getting in a good habit of setting your alarm system will yield the best results. Even if you're only running to the grocery store for a few minutes, set your alarm. Gotcha Surveillance alarm system's can be armed/disarmed from your phone. This ensures that your alarm is being utilized to the max. Make a resolution to set your alarm system everyday!

2. check your Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

Okay, this one is not really a resolution. This is a gentle reminder to check your detectors! Replace the batteries for the new year. Better safe than sorry.

3. reduce energy consumption

Make a resolution to reduce your home energy consumption. Not only is it good for the environment, it's good for your wallet! Lower utility costs by monitoring your energy more effectively. Use a smart thermostat and light bulbs to control energy usage from your phone! Being able to adjust the thermostat and lights from anywhere outside your home ensures that energy is not wasted. The smart thermostat also has features to reduce energy consumption based on the outside temperature. Reducing energy consumption doesn't have to be another empty New Year's Resolution! Learn more

4. beef up your security system

Times are changing and thieves are getting smarter. It's important to constantly update your security system so you can stay in control. For 2018, consider adding security cameras to your home security. This really helps in the event of an emergency. You can put your eyes on the scene immediately, no matter where you are at. And if nothing happens, you'll be able to check-in, giving you peace of mind.

5.Eliminate physical keys

Making a resolution to eliminate physical keys, will be the best resolution you'll ever make. Replacing all your standard door locks with electronic-locks will eliminate the need to hand out physical keys AND you can make sure your door is locked from anywhere in the world! If you give out a copy of your house key to your maid service, dog-sitter, or whoever else -you're opening your home to risk. Physical keys are easily copied and it's easy to lose track of who has access to your house. The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. Give people unique codes with restricted access times to optimize your home security!

6.be ready for emergencies

It's always good to be prepared. This New Year, make a resolution to keep your home prepared for emergencies. 2017 was filled with tragic, life-threatening, natural disasters across America. Make it your goal to not be one of those people scrambling last minute for supplies (and no shame if your are). Your home should have emergency bags of food, first-aid items, water and other survival supplies (flashlights, etc) for everyone in the house. Home security is meant to protect the safety of everyone in it. Being prepared for emergencies is an important part of it.

7. better social media practices

People typically teach their children to be safe on social media. Not to talk to strangers, share any personal information, and so on. However, many adults are breaking all the rules! As social media has evolved over time, people have gotten more lax and careless with their posts. Make a resolution for 2018 to practice better social media habits. A change in mindset may be all you need. Get rid of photos that show the inside of your house in detail, or show valuable objects inside your home. What's in the background of your Christmas photos or back to school pictures? Remove people you don't know from your friends list! If you don't know them, they shouldn't be on your friends list. Lastly, make your updates and pictures private instead of public. Consequently, you will reduce the risk that somebody will target your home based on social media.

We hope these resolutions help keep you safer during 2018. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to upgrade.

Happy New Year from Gotcha Surveillance!

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