21 Home Invasion Safety Tips


Should you fight back when someone invades your home and attacks you? That depends, according to security experts.

“You make as much noise as you can, and you fight to the death,” says Michael Joyner, public information officer for the Fort Wayne Police Department. But when they demand cash or whatever else they want, cooperate.

steps to make yourself safer:

1) Install door locks with three-inch screws in the lock and door hinges. Chain latches are ineffective.

2) Fortify rear doors, sliding glass doors and garage doors.

3) Use a wide-angle peephole and never open your door to strangers.

4) Install an audible alarm system. Set alarms for perimeter doors and window sensors. Many alarm panels have an emergency panic button that dials 911. Learn More About Home Alarms  

5) Use an alarm company lawn and window signs.

6) Set your cellphone to dial 911.

7) Have an escape plan and escape even if other family members are in the house. You can seek help quickly.

8) Train children to dial 911 or hit the panic button on an alarm.

9) Keep a cool head and always think about the next step or an escape.

10) Don't hit an attacker unless you are confident you can do damage and escape quickly. Hit the attacker in the nose, eyes or throat.

11) Plant prickly bushes like rose or holly outside your windows.

12) Install motion-detecting sensor lights on the exterior of your home.

13) Set up a plan with neighbors.

14) Never leave an outside car unlocked. Burglars can find the garage door opener and use it.

What doesn't work:

1) Be selective about when you scream. If you think neighbors will hear you and call police, scream. If not, screaming may be used against you.

2) Pepper spray or a gun, unless you have easy access. A chemical fire extinguisher might be easier and more effective.

3) Don't fake illness. Attackers don't care about you.

4) Don't pull a weapon on an armed invader who has you covered with a handgun unless it's your only chance.

5) Don't agree to go with an invader to an ATM machine or other location.

6) Don't agree to be tied-up, handcuffed or placed in the trunk of a car.

7) Don't follow an intruder once the intruder leaves your home.


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