Package Theft- What you need to know about preventing it

A shift from in-store to online shopping in the recent years has made package theft a more popular and rewarding crime. The stakes are highest right now, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Thieves know people are ordering gifts and other discounted high-ticket items and they cannot wait to go shopping on your doorstep. A typical home alarm system will only work if someone actually enters the home. This is why package theft is so popular among thieves and so frustrating for online shoppers. It's quite frankly, hard to do something about.

Don't become a victim this holiday season. Protect what's important to you.

Tips when ordering online:

-Choose a shipping option so you can sign for delivery.

-Keep an eye on the package's delivery status. Sign up for text or email alerts.

-Ship the package to another location if you won't be home to receive it. (Work or a friend or family member)

-Leave special delivery instructions on where to deliver packages (Side door, etc)

-Choose deliver pickup

-Insure your packages

-Get to know your carriers.

Smart home security, residential surveillance, stop package theft

Use your home to protect your packages.

The best way to protect yourself (and your assets) is with a home security system, but you probably knew that. More specifically, you should protect your home with video surveillance. Video footage makes it much easier for law enforcement to catch the thief. Videos may be posted in online communities and shared by police departments to help inform the community. Read about how police have caught package thieves over social media.  A doorbell camera coupled with an image sensor can also help stop package thieves in their tracks. An image sensor will capture an image every time the motion sensor is set off. This will allow you to receive text images of everyone who walks by your front door. A doorbell camera will allow you to communicate with whoever is at your front door. This will allow you to directly talk to any potential thieves who may be at your door.

Be Proactive not reactive.

So how can we really put a stop to package theft? The answer is easy. A doorbell camera, a smart lock, and a lot of trust in your UPS driver. A doorbell camera will allow you to communicate two-way with your carrier and allow you to keep eyes on him. You can greet them when he or she comes to your door and explain that you want your packages left inside. You'll inform them that you're unlocking the front door and tell them to stick your packages inside. You'll get to keep eyes on them the whole time, lock the door when finished, and your packages are protected.

Smarter home security. Smart doorbell.

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